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West Coast Versus East Coast!!

This post will be all about my favourite parts of the west coast and east coast! I live in Vancouver and I attend school on the east coast so I feel like I have really experienced both the west and east coast! There are definitely positives and negatives to both but I've had amazing times in both!

West Coast: I live in Vancouver B.C and I absolutely love it! There is truly no place in the entire world like Vancouver! The summers are sunny and warm but in the winter it does rain a lot! Vancouver is also amazing because there are so many great food places and a lot of outdoors things to do!

East Coast: I go to school in Ontario and even though people complain about the cold weather a lot, even when its -20 it is usually still really sunny! I do have to say that I honestly would not be as happy in Ontario if I did not have B.C to come back to! There is no place like home! There are a lot of great Universities in the East Coast as well!!

There is no doubt that I prefer the west coast because of the ocean and mountains and it’s where my family lives too! However, the past year has given me a great new experience living in Ontario!!


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About Me!!

Hey guys, my name is Danika & welcome to my blog. I'm nineteen years old and based in Canada (however I love travelling)! My blog is called "Sunday Funday". You may have already assumed based on the name of my blog, but if not, I post a new blog post every Sunday! This blog will be mostly a lifestyle blog filled with places I travel, beauty tips/hacks, products I'm loving (or hating), and fashion. I hope you enjoy the content and if you have any suggestions on content you'd like to see feel free to let me know!!


Casual Winter Look Book!!

Below I have created two looks. The first is for a warmer climate and the second is for a colder climate.

Outfit #1

Glasses: Urban Outfitters
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Weekend Away In Montreal!!

Below is a list of things I did and places I went in Montreal!!

1. LA pop: A new trendy waffle and popsicle place in Old Montreal. Just opened last week and has the cutest decor inside and out! The great thing about LA pop is that there s a hidden door that they open at five thirty or six and it turns into a place to get drinks and hangout. Would definitely go back to this place.

A list of some of the toppings you can get on your waffles!!

2. LOV Café: This place is located in old Montreal and has really awesome breakfast! The inside of the place is really nice.

3. Crew Café: A complete gem in an old building converted into a really nice café. This place is perfect to study at and has really nice drinks too.

4. Mme. Lee: A great place to go if you're in the downtown area at night. They play upbeat music!

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