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HOW TO: Get Through First Year University!!

I am one week out of being done first year university so I feel like I have some tips and tricks to share!! I have created five main tips that are a combination of how to get through the actual school part and the mental/happiness part too!! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed coming up with it.

1. GET A PLANNER AND USE IT. I got mine from Personal Planner. It helps so much if you actually write when your assignments and tests are. If you write everything you have to do down then you can refer back to it if you forget and it keeps you super on task I find at least. It's really awesome because you can custom make the planner from personal planner with important dates and stuff but you can also design the layout however you like it!!

2. In university I have found it to be very different then in high school when it comes to due dates. There is no room for late assignments and you can not re do any assignments or tests either. This pretty much means that you have to STAY ON TOP OF IT. Try to never get behind to avoid feeling behind and stressed out!!

3. This tip might seem obvious but GO TO YOUR CLASSES. I know it seems like it is super obvious but I know how easy it is to get in a cycle of missing classes that are not as important and it is not great to get in the habit of that!! Come exams you will be happy you went and after all that is why you are at school, to learn.

4. Trust me when I say I know university can be challenging and mentally exhausting. GO FOR A WALK. Sometimes even a couple minutes away from studying and other people can really clear your mind and put you in a better mindset.

5. PLAN THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO. This has helped me so much this year. The whole year can seem very long but if you break it up with things to look forward to it can make it seem a lot more doable in the long run.

This is my planner from Personal Planner mentioned above too!!


  1. When I was a first year student, I did nothing on this list! It would have been such a smart idea for me to go to class and use a planner lol!

  2. These are great tips! It's so important to stay organized and focused.

  3. Good for you for putting together a success list for first years! I totally agree: getting a planner is a MUST. I used to think I would remember everything, but I totally didn't. And I also agree about the walking- so important! I found it always cleared my head and gave me a chance to look at a project with fresh eyes. Good luck with sophomore year!

  4. I need to pass this to my kids that they are going to start new classes at the college or maybe me too. Excellent tips

  5. First year in university can be indeed hard. You have some great tips here, I wish I would know these a couple of years ago!

  6. I miss first year! These are great tips, especially having a planner. Hope you enjoy the end of the year and get excited for second year!

  7. I wish I had read your post when I was in college. I didn't take walks and I can see how it would have helped me with the stress of so many tests and stresses.

  8. This post really says it all! The first year in college is not a walk in the park!

  9. Oh my gosh, my planner was my LIFE during my first year of college! Congrats on surviving the first year, not everyone does! 😝

  10. You offered some great tips. I agree that being organized helps to stay focused. Great job.

  11. Watch out for the Freshman 15! :) Just be yourself and you will be okay! xo, Suzanne

  12. Great tips! y daughter is actually finishing her first year of college next week. She needs to use a planner next semester!

  13. These are all great tips! I remember my first year at my university was definitely a transition and hard, but now I am graduating! The hard work and dedication pays off! You'll be at it in no time!

  14. i have never been like this. but i wish i had read this then, it has everything that is really good at.

  15. Great tips. I could have used them when I headed off to college.

  16. I know that when I was going to school, my planner was my life. I used different colors for different classes and it made things so easy.


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