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My Experience With Micro Blading!!

A couple weeks ago I went to Grand Arc and saw the amazing Nancy to get my eyebrows micro bladed! Overall, the whole experience was great and I would recommend Grand Arc (and Nancy) for micro blading again.
When I arrived there, Nancy was waiting to show me around and begin explaining the process. She was thorough, in depth, and ensured I knew what the process entailed in full. We discussed my goals and she gave her suggestions. She then did a symmetry test and numbed me up! Then we got started. Throughout the whole experience, Nancy continuously checked in with me ensuring I was happy with the result and that my pain level remained low. Her explanation of the process truly made me feel very comfortable. We also had some great conversations which I think distracted me from any minimal pain. 

Before and After:

I've tagged the Grand Arc website (And Nancy's instagram) down below so you can book your appointment!!
Grand Arc Website:…

Self-Care Sunday With Lily and Roo!!

This morning I headed over to Lily and Roo in Kitsilano for a manicure. I had a phenomenal experience and the staff was very friendly. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner Chloe and a couple of the other girls. The great thing about Lily and Roo is that their products are all vegan and non toxic which makes me feel good about supporting their company. The salon is set up really cute and they have so many colours to choose from (as pictured below).

Finished Set:
The Salon: I've linked their website so you can book your appointment:

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