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Spring Outfits of The Week!!

This week I'm sharing my recent outfit favourites! It has been pretty sunny in Vancouver which has been super nice.
Outfit One:  Top: Urban Outfitters Bike Shorts: I Am Gia Shoes: Nike Jordan 1's Sunglasses: Monarch Tokyo
Outfit Two: Top: Brandy Melville Leather Bralette: Forever 21 Earings: Metier Jewelry
Outfit Three: Top: Thrasher Bottoms: Urban Outfiitters Shoes: Nike Jordan 1's
Outfit Four: Top: Go Jane Jeans: Zara Shoes: Go Jane Sunglasses: Monarch Tokyo
Thank you for reading!!


Cooking With!!

This weeks post is something I'm really excited about. I've partnered with to show you how easy it is to cook a balanced and healthy meal without the hassle of grocery shopping and meal preparing. It is a Vancouver based company that makes it really easy to be healthy without spending two hours cooking each meal. prepares meals in boxes pictured above and drops it off right to your door on the day that you select when you select which meals you want for the week. They text you when they're fifteen minutes away to let you know they're coming, however you do not have to be home.
First I made the Ricotta Ravioli which I selected from the vegetarian meal list and it was really easy to make and also tasted great.

The second dish I made is called Spicy Sesame Zoodles with Crispy Tofu. It had a lot of flavour and was quite easy to make. I would completely recommend this company. Not only is it affordable but when the food arrives it is packaged great which ma…

Five Ways To Improve Your Study Habits!!

Hey guys,

This week I'm discussing the five ways I've kept myself more organized this year!

1. Use a planner. This is my main tip for being organized and its something I refer back to everyday to stay on track and make sure I'm not forgetting anything.
2. Keep your work space organized and you will be more willing to spend your time productively.
3. Eat healthy. This is definitely relates to other aspects of your life. 60% of your bodies endorphins (chemicals your body produces that ultimately make you happy) are created based on what you eat. A happier you will be motivated to stay on track.
4. Make a great playlist that motivates you.
5. Turn your phone off for periods of time which disallows distraction.


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